About us

Designed by boaters for boaters.

Total Shading was formed in 2018 when Travis and Tara Townsley decided to make a big change.

After spending 15 years in the family business designing, manufacturing, and supplying literally millions of roller shades for the RV market, they split off to focus their efforts on their true passion; boats.  They have the industry expertise to know what works and the reality of full-time living aboard to know what’s needed.

Travis spent the early part of his career in the auto racing industry.  He specialized in rebuilding/blueprinting gear boxes for race cars, where he eventually was managing both the sales and service effort for a gearbox company.  It was at that point when his father decided to start a family business building and designing after market solutions for RV’s.  That business ended up being the premier roller shade manufacturer for the RV industry, supplying the majority of the manufacturers with roller shades.  At different points within his time at the company, he led the sales, purchasing and communication functions.  For the last several years, Travis was Vice President of Operations, where he was tasked with modernizing and streamlining the manufacturing division.

Tara Townsley has spent the last twenty years in the Information Technology field, and is most recently Vice President of Information Technology.  Tara has many years of advanced Project and Program management, as well as digital and website design.

In 2019, Travis and Tara simplified their lives and moved aboard their Catalina 470, with the goal of sailing around the world at some point in the future.

Total Shading is more than just their business, it is their dream.

Travis and Tara at the Annapolis Boat Show